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Pjusk - Tools and techniques

Added on by Rune Sagevik.

Music lovers and artists alike are often interested in how and where the music of their favourite artists are made. We are of course no different. Having a look into artists studios, getting a feel for their tools and techniques are always of interest and often great fun.

Based on this fact, we thought that we should maybe invite people into our world, into our studios and have a look at our tools and techniques..or even lack thereof.

With this we will start up a blog series where we will try to talk a bit about what software and hardware we use. Most artists have their favourite equipment, be it software or hardware, and so do we. We will talk about how we use (and abuse) this software and hardware, where we use it, and why we use it. We will go into how we usually work with fieldrecordings, audio, midi etc., how we get our idèas, have a look at our workflow both together in the studio and over the internet and generally how we go about creating our tracks.

One of our favourite tools is just around the corner with a new update that looks promising, so in our next “Tools and techniques” blog post we will take a look at Ableton Live 10.