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Pjusk in Madrid

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No me pongas los cuernos - the exhibition in Madrid at Casa Encidada is featuring work by Pjusk.  We were invited to perform at the opening, but unfortunately we were unable to attend.  Instead we made sure our Sus video made together with Till Nowak is on display. The theme of the exhibition is Nordic culture set in contrast to a Spanish context. We are deeply honoured to be in the lineup of inspiring artists such as: Maiken Bent ,Louise Bertelsen, Ectoplasm Girls, Anni Holm, Ingen Frygt, Tove Kjellmark, Mette Borup Kristensen, Caroline Mårtensson, Niels Peeraer, Martini Projects and Sogar (a label mate on 12k). NO ME PONGAS LOS CUERNOS—literally, don’t put the horns on me— is an expression that means absolutely nothing when taken out of context and culture. Comprehension is not just a matter of reflecting, of using propositions, but a way of experiencing and understanding a comprehensible reality. Every cultural tradition, our ties to a linguistic community, our aesthetic sensibilities and our reaction to perceptive stimuli are totally conditioned by our western context of meaning.

We wish Sarah and Marta the best of luck!