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Brian Eno Interview

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The Pjusk website is about what makes us tick and it is no secret that Brian Eno is a living legend.  I came over a brilliant interview with him (actually found the link on the 12k-forum).  He is also showcasing the plugin Synplant (a plugin we of course is using as well and highly recommend - really a bit of fresh air in the digital sound department) and his iPhone app Bloom. Lots of inspiring thoughts on sound design, music making and life in general. [vimeo id="9091096"]

New Pjusk Website

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The new Pjusk website is up and running.  We thought it was time to create a website that was a bit easier for us both to maintain and update. Voila!  Here it is!  Hope you enjoy it.  We have many things happening in 2010. The biggest event for us is of course the release of our second album, "Sval", which will be out on 12k on the 16th of March. We are really excited about the album and really hope you will enjoy it! Special thanks to Iver Bostad for the great promo photos and to Christoffer Furnes for the fantastic cover artwork.