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Nordic Music Days 2017 in London.

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Pjusk to be featured as performer on Nordic Music Days 2017 in London (28 Sept - 1 Oct).

In addition to Pjusk, music from composers Ann Rosén, Osmo Tapio Räihälä, Mirjam Tally, Camilla Söderberg, Ben Frost, Hildur Gudnadóttir, Jonas Broberg,  Lars Lundehave Hansen, and Mads Emil Nielsen, will be accompanied by lighting effects to conjure up the feel of the Northern lights.

Visit Northern Lights Lounge for more information.

Pjusk to perform in Barcelona in April

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Pjusk will be performing at the 8th Storung Festival on the 17th of April 2013. The festival wants to offer the audience the chance of getting to know in detail different tendencies of the electronic music scene, continuing the work that the multidisciplinary platform Störung has been doing since 2006. Störung Festival 8 is dedicated to the memory of our friend Juan Diego Burillo (1974-2012). We are looking forward to honouring his memory with our music. We are also creating a video featuring Norwegian footage to accompany our performance.

Hoping to see you in Barcelona!

Pjusk in Sopot, Poland

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I have just returned from Sopot, Poland where I had a terrific time playing at the Open Source Art festival. The line up consisted of Deadbeat, Opiate, Deru, Pleq among others. Great artists and a true honour to be part of this inspiring event! Unfortunately Rune couldn't join me but we will back together soon! Please check out our FB-page for photos from the event.

Pjusk in Madrid

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No me pongas los cuernos - the exhibition in Madrid at Casa Encidada is featuring work by Pjusk.  We were invited to perform at the opening, but unfortunately we were unable to attend.  Instead we made sure our Sus video made together with Till Nowak is on display. The theme of the exhibition is Nordic culture set in contrast to a Spanish context. We are deeply honoured to be in the lineup of inspiring artists such as: Maiken Bent ,Louise Bertelsen, Ectoplasm Girls, Anni Holm, Ingen Frygt, Tove Kjellmark, Mette Borup Kristensen, Caroline Mårtensson, Niels Peeraer, Martini Projects and Sogar (a label mate on 12k). NO ME PONGAS LOS CUERNOS—literally, don’t put the horns on me— is an expression that means absolutely nothing when taken out of context and culture. Comprehension is not just a matter of reflecting, of using propositions, but a way of experiencing and understanding a comprehensible reality. Every cultural tradition, our ties to a linguistic community, our aesthetic sensibilities and our reaction to perceptive stimuli are totally conditioned by our western context of meaning.

We wish Sarah and Marta the best of luck!

Pjusk "Tele" - 2012

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A new album is out.  At the moment only the digital release is available, but the actual physical manifestation should be out during the month of March. The album is released on the Italian label Glacial Movements - run by Alessandro Tedeschi.  We think it was a natural progression from Sval on 12k to explore further the themes of elemental forces and unforgiving nature. A few words about the album.  We actually feel the album pushing in two directions.  One being more abstract and perhaps darker, the other being warmer and slightly easier on the ear. This is a conscious experiment and something that automatically leads to a less homogeneous sound.  Nevertheless, hopefully we are not distancing us too much from our origins.

I think it is quite safe to say that our next album (which will be out on 12k) will probably go into the sonic spaces our debut "Sart" ventured in. Kind of a typical reaction after having worked with two releases that have overall similarities in style and expression. Not disclosing too much, we are now keen to further develop the sound of Pjusk. And perhaps throwing in some surprises as well?

If you are curious about the "Tele" release, you could always check it out on iTunes.


Take care!

Jostein & Rune

Glacial Movements album in the works

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Summer and warm weather is upon us in abundance - so this is just a quick update to let you know that we have started working on our album for the Italian label, Glacial Movements.  We anticipate the album to be ready this autumn. Last project out on this label was Scott Morgan (Loscil) with the release "coast/range/arc". We congratulate Scott and Glacial Movements with a terrific release!

Pjusk 2011

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Happy New Year,  dear friends and companions! 2010 is just behind us in a gust of cold wind (extremely cold weather the past weeks here in Norway) and 2011 is fresh and ready to be enjoyed.  The highlight of 2010 was (not surprisingly) the release of our second album "Sval" on 12k. We received a lot of terrific attention and good reviews - we were especially delighted about the review from Although we could have hoped for a slightly better response from various events and festivals around the world, nevertheless, 2011 is so far quite packed when it comes to creating music:

  • Pleq-collaboration.  We have initiated, based on our experiences participating on the "Good Night EP" released on Basses Frequences, a collaboration with the Polish artist Pleq. We are really looking forward to this time of work and are preparing ourselves to venture into new musical territories.
  • Album release on Glacial Movements Records. We were contacted by a nice Italian by the name of Alessandro. He told us enthusiastically about his label and his plans for the future - and we immediately felt a natural belonging to his label (perhaps even more so because of  "Sval" which is quite arctic in style and timbre).  Other releases on this label in 2011 by Thomas Köner, Loscil and Bvdub.

Taylor and 12k are always on our minds.  We feel 12k as a home and will continue to release music on this magnificent label as long as we are welcome to (a big, well-deserved hug to Taylor). We have not started working on a new album yet for 12k, but we know what directions we want to explore.  But enough ramblings and gibberish.  Play, work and contribute to a better life for yourself and others! Enjoy life!

See you soon!


Jostein & Rune

Pjusk in collaboration with Sigrid Moldestad

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In an attempt to further enhance and explore our Norwegian identity and sound, we are at the moment looking towards a collaboration with Sigrid Moldestad. Sigrid is a Norwegian fiddleplayer/singer from Breim, Norway. She was awarded the Norwegian Grammy 2007 for the album "Taus". Her new album "Sandkorn" was released spring 2010. She is also member in the groups Spindel and Gamaltnymalt. In her latest project Sigrid has recorded songs by Robert Burns, lyrics of Jakob Sande and her own songs and instrumental tunes. For more information about Sigrid Moldestad, check out her MySpace page:

Sigrid Moldestad at MySpace

More about the Hardanger fiddle

Pjusk "Sval" album out now

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Jostein and I are proud to present our new album entitled "Sval" , released today on Taylor Deupree's 12k label. It has been a period of excitement and expectation for us while we waited for the album to be released, and we hope it will be recieved well among those of you who take pleasure in the kind of music we deliver as Pjusk. We are certainly very proud of the results. Big thanks goes out to Strië and Tor Anders Voldsund that helped us create this album, to Andreas Nordenstam for excellent mastering work and to Taylor Deupree for releasing it. Sval is available as both cd and as digital download at 12k

Pjusk "Sval" album out in 6 days

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The countdown has started.  We are now closer than ever to the release of our second album "Sval"  - an album that we feel is more focused and consistent than our debut, "Sart".  In addition we have had the pleasure of working with Strië - and she has worked with us on two tracks - adding her great musicality and intriguing sounds.  We had a great time working with you! Also our good friend and long-time contributor Tor Anders Voldsund has created a track together with us. We thank you both for what you have given us and for the musical quality you have contributed to the album. Strië has recently landed an album deal with the brilliant Norwegian label Soundscaping. Congratulations! We are really looking forward to the release and in the meantime Strië can be enjoyed live on stage performing with Greg Haines.

Pjusk represented by Danilo Pellegrinelli of Shakti Music

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We are thrilled to announce that Danilo Pellegrinelli of Shakti Music is now representing Pjusk as exclusive booking agent.  This is a fantastic turn of events and a we are excited and honoured to be in the same stable with prominent artists such as Fennesz, Matmos, Mike Patton, BJNilsen, Alva Noto, Biosphere and other talented acts.